Dear Gossips,

Today is a holy day. It’s B’Day, the 38th anniversary of the birth of Beyoncé and also the 13th anniversary of the release of the album that gave us “Déjà Vu”, “Get Me Bodied”, “Ring the Alarm”, “Irreplaceable”, “Kitty Kat”, “Upgrade U”… OK fine, you can look up the track list yourself (but why don’t you have it memorised?). 

Many consider B’Day to be Beyoncé’s first visual album as she released 13 accompanying videos, setting the stage for the work that was to come over the next decade as she perfected her visual storytelling with Beyoncé, Lemonade, and of course Homecoming. Favourite B’Day video? “Get Me Bodied”, drop down low and sweep the floor with it. I mean, I can’t. But I’ve been trying all this time. 

One of the best parts of Beyoncé’s birthday year after year, aside from the original gift that is her existence, is watching the online celebration of it. Celebrities and civilians make sure to acknowledge that it’s B’Day, like Trooping the Colour for social media, lol. 

Is today your birthday too? I’m asking because yesterday Duana sent this tweet to our group chat: 

I’m Serena Williams-Linda Hamilton. Never been more proud of me. 

Yours in gossip,