Your eyes might probably be immediately drawn to the feather wave swirling behind this man. But don’t let that permanently interrupt your appreciation of the best part of this outfit – not the feather wings, but the feather PEPLUM. That, to me, is what I’ll remember from this look forever. You know why? Because it’s practical. It’s a built-in breather. This is better than anything Johnny Depp has worn in 10 years. (Dlisted) 

I’m a control freak. So I planned our wedding. Of course Jacek had input but, still, the final say was mine. We’re only 4 years away from our 20th wedding anniversary and I’ve been thinking about whether or not we should do something, have another party, because there are so many people in our lives who weren’t in our lives when we first got married. For example: Duana. I feel like if this happened though he would want to be more involved in the decision-making because, lately, he’s grown some opinions on food and flowers. I think maybe I’d be totally OK if he just handled the whole thing. The guest gift would probably be loaves of fresh bread that he baked. And a jar of his own peanut butter, which he’s also recently started making. (Just Jared) 

I don’t hate Jennifer Hudson’s dress from the front. In fact, I quite like it. I quite like how the white parts have just the right amount of stiff-to-soft ratio. That was not a euphemism for anything related to a penis. My problem with this dress is what happens when you see it from the side. I don’t like that it’s shorter. It kind of ruins of the integrity of it, doesn’t it?  (Go Fug Yourself) 

There are many, many, many reasons to see this show. One of those reasons – at least for me – is what I hope to be a dizzying display of wig range. I want this to be a celebration of the wig. I want the wigs to practically compete with each other. I want the wigs to have their own names. I want them to sell officially endorsed wigs as merch. I would buy a lot. (Jezebel) 

Here in Canada, we are nearing the 150th birthday of our nation. One of the great things about this nation is that we have a chip flavour that other people don’t have in other parts of the world: ketchup chips! Sarah, who is American, doesn’t understand ketchup chips. She made a face when Duana and I tried to introduce them to her a couple of years ago. Sarah is right about a lot. But she is wrong, very, very wrong, about this. Ketchup chips are amazing. The only problem with ketchup chips is deciding which brand is best. OMG DID YOU KNOW DORITOS COME IN KETCHUP FLAVOUR? (Chatelaine)