Do you know what today is?

On June 15, 2016, exactly a year ago today, this happened:

That was the beginning of the Summer of Swoki, Taylor Swift + Tom Hiddleston, their brief, profoundly entertaining relationship that gave us an album full of gossip – from Rhode Island to Nashville to England to Italy, back to Rhode Island, and then LA, and then Australia, and then LA again…and then it was over.

It started on the rocks. It started by the ocean. It started as the wind whipped through their hair, as the waves crashed against the shore, as her boyguards, distracted by the blooming love before them, somehow did not notice that a photographer was close enough to document this moment.

Now, a year later, Swoki is no more. Tom Hiddleston has been quiet for a couple of months, perhaps advised, after his GQ interview to take it easy on the bolognese and the dancing and the exclamation points. Taylor, as you know, has been even quieter, though she let us know recently that she has a new boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, that she may or may not have started dating him quite soon after she decided that Tom was too much, even for her, and that her old music is still more popular than Katy Perry’s new music, confirming perhaps once and for all that she and Katy are on different levels. It was a power move, for sure, re-releasing her music back on streaming services last week. And she’s made her point. Katy has conceded. So, now, what’s next, Taylor Swift?

Well, we are two weeks away from #Taymerica. Will there be a #Taymerica 2017? In August Taylor will be in court for that lawsuit against the DJ who allegedly groped her. Two months later, in October, is when people are expecting her to release a new album. This happened two days ago…

…leading to speculation that she’s dropping something soon, perhaps a lead single, ahead of the presumed, possible, probable (?) October release. If and when that does happen, the Katy Perry thing, it’s old now, right? Unlike Katy Perry, who has been established as a challenger, as opposed to the incumbent, Taylor won’t need to use their feud to promote whatever it is that she’ll be promoting right?