Dear Gossips,

Back to school. Back to gossip! And it’s almost like Hollywood is on the same schedule.

But first… there was a holiday that was celebrated yesterday, a holiday that’s become an event every year online. Beyoncé’s birthday, of course. When even celebrities make a point of paying their respects. Like Adele, who is not a frequent tweeter. But, as we know, Beyoncé is Adele’s “artist of my life”. This was her dedication.

Adele’s dedication was modest though compared to the dedication package that showed up on - 18 portraits of family and friends in Formation, including Miss Tina, the Blue Ivy Carter, of course, Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland, and… Michelle Obama. MICHELLE OBAMA!

How did this happen? Was it a surprise? I feel like Beyoncé doesn’t do surprises, not when the surprise somehow ends up on her website. Because who’s better at surprises than Beyoncé? Who knows better how to conceal a surprise than Beyoncé? Let these women dress up as me, in tribute to me, on my own website.

Beyoncé spent her birthday weekend in Philadelphia at Jay-Z’s Made In America Festival where Solange was also performing. During his set the other night, Jay asked the crowd to sing Happy Birthday to her.

Check out her face. Like thousands of people are celebrating her…and she’s, like, yeah, that’s about right. As it should be.

Yours in gossip,