Last night Lainey sent me this post by Devany Amber Wolfe, whose tarot cards were sold by Goop shop (you can find her product here); Devany says she was continually f-cked over in the process. If Goop acknowledges this (which I doubt), the blame will fall on “haters” because as Goop has shown (over and over), it’s not a company that accepts criticism. As to how this “$250 million” company can’t get it together to pay an artist creating small batch items, well, that’s because Goop has gone corporate. It’s an (Gwyneth-described) empire, and empires crush smaller companies, they don’t collaborate with them. This morning, Goop posted about a Morgan Stanley-sponsored workplace. Remember, during the financial crisis Morgan Stanley was “too big to fail.” That’s how Goop is being built. Too privileged to fail.


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I want to draw your attention to another scam – this one involves “floor salads” (as in, salads you eat on the floor). Writer Kayleigh Donaldson (from one of our favourite places on the Internet, Pajiba) was the first to report on an influencer who was selling $165 tickets to a workshop where women would journal and make crowns. Which isn’t itself that unusual, except for the fact that she couldn’t deliver on promised items (like mason jars with wild flower seeds). The story was subsequently picked up by The Cut and Buzzfeed, but in my opinion, Kayleigh is not getting enough credit for this story. And it all ties in to the expensive wellness/self-care culture that G and her ilk perpetuate – Goop walked so Caroline Calloway could run.

How much do you think Michelle Pfieffer will post on Instagram? She’s very, very private – I don’t think I’ve ever heard a gossip-y story about her. 


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Everyone is still talking about You (the series) and I have thoughts but I will just say that Hari Nef was a standout for me. She is so spot-on as Blythe, who is pretentious and disdainful of most people and so passive-aggressive it’s funny, especially when she’s talking down to Beck. But she’s not a class snob, which differentiates her from Peach. It’s interesting how the writers were able to portray two young women who were both supposed to be “unlikable” and make them the most interesting fan favourites.


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I periodically check in on FKA twigs to see if Shia LaBeouf will show up on her Instagram. Nothing yet. 


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This clip of Rachel Bloom’s mom meeting Lady Gaga on the red carpet is very cute, but because I’m a shady bitch I can only watch this interaction between Rachel and Gaga. Rachel introduces herself by specifically mentioning where the two have met before and Gaga responds, “Hi Rachel, nice to see you.” I first learned about “nice to see you” in Jessica Knoll’s book, Luckiest Girl Alive. The phrase “nice to see you” is by fancy people who meet so many randoms they can’t possibly keep track, so “nice to see you” is covers both an introduction and a re-introduction without seeming rude. I bet Gaga is doing a lot of “nice to see yous” this award season.


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When Beyoncé wants to really pay tribute to someone, she does so with a baby photo. She has done this before on her feed but it’s very rare, reserved for the most special situations. Michelle Obama’s birthday of course qualifies as such.


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Attached: Gwyneth Paltrow at her book signing for 'The Clean Plate: Eat, Reset, Heal' at Barnes and Noble at The Grove on January 14, 2019 in Los Angeles, California.