JLo’s signature glow hasn’t been as bright this award season. It could be because of her schedule (she is rehearsing for the Super Bowl) or I’m reading into it because she didn’t get nominated for an Oscar, something she of course wanted (because, as Eddie Murphy said in Vanity Fair, who wouldn’t want it?). The NY Post did an anonymous Oscar voter opinion story this weekend: apparently Hustlers was too “rough around the edges” and, according to one source’s theory, many voters might not have even seen The Farewell. It would be easy to dismiss this as snobbery or the opinion of one crusty voter, but look at the nominations – this person is not in the minority. 


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Lainey wrote about it off the top this morning because of course everyone is obsessed, even against our better judgement. You know who I’m talking about: Brad and Jen. It helped that she was wearing a dress that felt bridal. And that they have the same hair, again (remember the brother-sister highlights they got before the wedding?).

If they end up in Cabo, I don’t know if I will be totally surprised. But Brad also took a photo with Charlize, and remember for a minute there was a dumb rumour they were dating. How long until a lower-tier tabloid tries to turn this into a triangle. 


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Boy fight! Boy fight! Boy fight! If there hadn’t been so much gossip this weekend, this slap fest between The 1975 and Maroon 5 would have been a bigger story. Especially because Maroon 5’s official Twitter account deleted their accusation (that The 1975 were ripping off some old artwork). I took a screenshot of this, on a Saturday, because I am petty like that. 


This is so wholesome. How can you not want this cast to win everything? I haven’t seen Parasite (because I’m a chicken who only reads movie Wikipedia pages, but can’t actually watch the movie) but I want them to win.


Yes there are a million new TV show announcements constantly happening but this is important: Martin Short and Steve Martin on Hulu. We still don’t get Hulu in Canada but a network has to pick this up. It’s Canadian law when Martin Short is involved. 


Facebook Watch is apparently done? Or winding down? The hint is that its two marquee shows are cancelled. Facebook Watch hasn’t really been a part of the prestige TV conversation.

There’s something satisfying about a company with as much resources and reach as Facebook completely flopping at a creative endeavour – it’s not a code that can be cracked by an algorithm or solved with money. 


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Oprah and Amy Schumer’s literal sh-t talk – I love how they stop to pose for a photo as Amy tells Oprah all about her bathroom troubles. 


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Are the night eggs peeled? Because getting the shell off in bed, in the middle of the night, seems like too much work.