Something is occupying a lot of my brain space today: Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper (Lainey had the update this morning). The reason this is so intriguing is because it’s a buffet of gossip choices and it’s been a while since we had one so I’m a little rusty at choosing my entrée. My gut is telling me that the Page Six story (they are just friends) is correct because Jennifer Garner is simply too seasoned to go to a beach in Malibu, with children, if she didn’t want people to know she was far from the shallow now with Bradley Cooper. The storyline would have been rolled out differently if it was romantic. I think. 


Like many of us this summer, Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn are taking a little holiday that still allows for social distancing. This takes planning (packing groceries and sundries so no stops at the store are required) and a commitment to staying contained. Taylor does self-containment very well. Beyond them, it’s surprising (but maybe it shouldn’t be?) how many American celebrities are openly traveling to other countries and posting the photos on Instagram. Read the room people. 


It’s Selling Sunset weekend! The new season is centered around Chrishell Stause finding out that Justin Hartley exited stage left with a text message. There’s been a question mark hanging over this since the story broke (I wrote about it here) so honestly, I’m looking forward to some closure. Overall the show is a better sequel to The Hills than the The Hills: New Beginnings because the combination of real estate that is always described as having an “amazing view” (every house overlooks an endless sea of other houses), “So Kate” Louboutins (which are a war crime against feet, even the sales people will tell you!), and halted conversations bookended by scene-setting pop music is chef’s kiss reality TV.


Tie dye: where do land on this? Trend or new staple? This new story in Elle by Veronique Hyland asks what happens when “all this” ends: will the tie dye go back in the closet?

For more in fashion, the NYT’s new story “Sweatpants Forever” by Irina Aleksander walks us through the turmoil: the burst of the fashion bubble and the total collapse of the market. The clear-eyed assessment of where it is now, versus where it was before the economic collapse of 2008, is part of history – from pop culture references to presidential inaugurations.

I could have dedicated an entire column to Twitter reactions to WAP (read Cody’s piece from this morning here) but this one will have me laughing to myself all day. 

Attached: Halsey goes grocery shopping in sweatpants the other day.