Andrew Scott’s jaunty knit vest caused me to pause scrolling and these two? They know exactly what they are doing. This is chemistry


This is a good question: if you were friends with a celebrity, would you ask them to officiate your wedding? In one way, I feel like having a celebrity at your wedding is already an attention suck so why not embrace it and have them say their little spiel and get it over with since a lot of guests will be trying to sneak a glance or picture anyway. Also, Ryan Seacrest is a professional host so if you are going to give him a job, this is it. 


Speaking of wedding vows, have you seen the “smack that ass” viral vows? This is not cute. This is not charming. This is the beginning of a Reddit AITA post come to life. 


I promise to smack that 👋 FELLAS, this is your sign to go write those vows…now 🤣🫶 #ckent #weddingfilmmaker #sheehans #farmlife #vows

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Like many of us, Elton John is suffering through Elf on the Shelf. He’s missing an opportunity here – a pair of wacky glasses and it’s Elt on the Shelf. I hate that my brain is now wired to see elf vignettes everywhere.


Scarlett Johansson has been married three times, two celebs and a normie in the middle. Colin Jost has started taking very light-hearted cracks at her, the same way that Ryan Reynolds does with Blake Lively. But when Ryan and Scarlett were married, they were both super private about it and I don’t think he ever joked about her. Now Ryan is the king of husband trolling. Will Ryan ever host SNL? He seems like a perfect candidate but he’d have to work with Colin, who is a cast member and also a writer. That said, this happens all the time in Hollywood and everyone seems to be pretty grown up about it. If famous actors needed to avoid their exes and their exes’ new spouses they’d never leave the house.


This is petty and kind of funny: Emily Ratajkowski and Irina Shayk left a Knicks game early (it was overtime and they had courtside seats). In retaliation for this slight, Madison Square Garden declined to comp Emily tickets to a Rangers game. Usually I’d side-eye this story but a spokesperson for MSG confirmed it to Page Six: “Emily was not offered comped tickets for the Rangers,” after leaving the Knicks game early. But “she was offered, and is welcome, to buy great seats any time.” Clearly the team at MSG feels a certain kind of way. Does this apply to Irina as well? I think I understand the sentiment a little. MSG hosted. This is like if you host a party and someone brings a six pack and drinks four and then takes the remaining two home. No, whatever you don’t finish stays with the host. I know not everyone agrees with this etiquette but I am firm in my opinion.