Taylor Swift has been the pop culture story of the year and that’s not even debatable. The squad 2.0, Travis Kelce, the re-records and The Eras tour have created the perfect storm. I’ve been watching the new squad closely because it’s interesting that some, like Blake Lively and Gigi Hadid, transitioned to the new team while others do not seem part of the inner circle any longer. 


Martha Hunt and Lily Aldridge were both close with Taylor and neither seem to be near her anymore, at least not publicly. It was reported that Lily attended The Eras in Nashville and Martha attended in New Jersey but does that really mean anything? Karlie Kloss attended (and her seat was moved). For me, it’s the birthday party and the dinners: Martha Hunt lives in NYC. Lily is a model and can get to NYC. It’s not unusual for friendships to shift like this but when it’s Taylor, the shift is noticeable. 

Caylee Cowan and Casey Affleck used to swoon over each other on Instagram. Below is a sample of some of his work. They don’t post like that anymore, or at least they haven’t in a long time, but I have noticed that Caley sometimes comments on Jennifer Lopez’s posts. Casey didn’t attend the Bennifer 2.0 wedding but he was reportedly at the big Christmas party they hosted. 


Back to Caylee’s comment: she is helping hype Delola, commenting under this post. That’s one way into your sister-in-law’s heart.


FX used the phrase “The Original Housewives” in this teaser for Ryan Murphy’s Capote vs. The Swans. I have always thought of Derek Blasberg as an Instagram Truman Capote but I was wrong – it’s Andy Cohen!!! I’m sure between this and Madonna calling him out on stage for being messy, Andy has had the best week ever. 


Lupita Nyong’o wrote a beautiful post about her mother and you know who got the first photo in the grid? Yoyo! Yoyo is the star of the show, always.

The comeback year of the year goes to Linda Evangelista - with support from the fashion industry, Vogue, and the Supers. And support from family too, particularly her son’s stepmother (not a relationship people often equate with warm and fuzzy feelings). 


Linda Evangelista and Francois Pinault went to court over child support payments when their son was fairly young and the trial was quite explosive but looking back through searches, Salma Hayek never played the media frenzy. The case didn’t drag on forever and it seems like they’ve peacefully coparented for some time. Look at them now. Francois is probably relegated to the kids table during the holidays so they can sit together. 


Another comeback, be it a little more quiet, is in full bloom: Lindsay Lohan. The Mean Girls reunion was a hit (it was for a commercial, but still), she had a baby and seems to be in good spirits (from the sliver we see online). After years of “comebacks” and setbacks, she seems to be on solid ground. And she has another Netflix movie coming out in 2024, Irish Wish

Finally, the “Come to Brazil” plea worked!

Attached: Karlie Kloss runs errands in NYC on December 8, 2023.