As Lainey wrote this morning, Usher delivered a Vegas spectacle. I loved it. Before the show, Rihanna spoke about Usher as a lifelong performer and knew he was ready. His peers were excited for him. As Swizz Beatz wrote in his post, he’s a giant who’s performed with other giants.


That’s why Swizz is laughing at the chatter. AS IF he would expect Alicia Keys and Usher to turn down the chemistry at the biggest show of the year. That is laughable. Swizz Beatz is not like Keke Palmer’s ex, that comparison is offensive.


While the Super Bowl was on, we were still getting Housewives news (the Bravo fandom can never rest). Larsa Pippen, who was married to Scottie Pippen for many years, is now dating Marcus Jordan (Michael Jordan’s son). MJ Senior was not happy about it but the relationship is serious and they even work together on reality TV. Last night, Larsa unfollowed Marcus (and vice versa) and posted a story to make it super obvious. Then Marcus posted a story with his dad. It’s pretty smart from a public relations standpoint because they made themselves a B plot. 


They are not famous enough to be a top story, even on a slow news day, so why not take advantage of the hype by shaving off a little attention when all media is working around the clock. Larsa trained under Kim, she’s no dummy.


Sophie Turner is making headlines for attending an event with the guy with the Harry Potter name, so much so that her work has slipped under the radar. She’s reuniting with her GoT co-star Kit Harrington on a gothic horror film. Game of Thrones had a huge cast so I can’t be sure, but are they the first two from this show to reunite for a new project? If so, smart casting for an indie movie because it’s so much built-in press.


I watched Mr. & Mrs. Smith this weekend and I’m into it. I think the direction they took with the show is smart, changing up the competency of the mercenaries but keeping the concept. No spoilers but some general thoughts: they are kind of bad at their job but in a way most people would be. They are the Millennial Mr. & Mrs. Smith. I mean that as a compliment! 

We’ve talked a lot about nepo babies but I think this is the first nepo dog. Goldie Hawn’s lab made it into a Budweiser Super Bowl commercial. Look how chill Roy is, no ego. 


InTouch has the Biebers on the rocks (which spread quickly on social media) and US Weekly has them “improving” after a rough patch and I think both outlets are covering their bases. The fact that they’ve lasted this long has already defied the odds considering their age and their pop star/model schedule. Add to that the constant, weirdly specific Instagram hate these two get (and I don’t say that lightly, these two are really targeted), that kind of external stress has an impact. Both of them have said they don’t take marriage lightly and in hindsight, probably shared too much early on. The stuff they said years ago is constantly brought up. If it doesn’t work, it won’t be from lack of effort or will. It seems like they both really want to stay married. 


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