Lea Michele had her bridal shower over the holidays – in preparation for a New Year’s Eve wedding? If not then, it will be soon. What kind of dress do you think she will wear? I’m guessing it will be ornate with some sheerness. Usually I call that “figure skating mesh” but that’s not the correct term; bridal sites refer to the look as an illusion neckline or illusion sleeves. I’m going to be brutally honest here: I think it’s the puffy sleeves of this generation of gowns.


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Speaking of weddings, Terrence Howard is engaged – to his second wife. They divorced a few years ago and recently got engaged again. How does a second wedding with the same couple work – are people cut and added to the list? Is it bigger or smaller? And, this is probably tacky of me to ask, what’s the gift obligation here? I’m sure their friends and family are happy for them but they’ve already expressed that happiness in the form of gift or cash at the first wedding. Do they have to do it all over again? 


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This is a photo of Diane Kruger and Norman Reedus’ baby’s hand, I guess. It looks like an x-ray image. 


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How long does it take Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman to open their eyes in the morning if they are lying next to one another? Their eyes are always closed!


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But Nicole and Keith might not have a lock on the “closed eye super couple” post – Nick and Priyanka have been practicing. A lot. 


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The “happy face” as a symbol has been around for decades (I lived through the 90s craze, might have rocked a t-shirt); a few years back Vice did a deep dive into where it came from and why it is so ubiquitous. Will Justin Bieber’s House of Drew be the “happy face” of his generation?


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Between December 24 and December 31, Ferrero Rochers are an acceptable breakfast food. 

Drake not only confirmed Adonis’s name, but he also confirmed that he is the dad who wants you to look at his child’s finger-painting. And you have to ooh and aaah even though everyone knows it’s just scribbles. 


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