This podcast feels like it was made specifically for Lainey: Gwyneth Paltrow interviewed Michelle Yeoh. The connection is the The Brothers Sun, which was co-created by Brad Falchuk and Byron Wu. Gwyneth often supports his projects but she seems to really be a fan of this one and of Michelle. 


She can kiki with a fellow Oscar winner.


I really like this dress and the colour scheme of this Glamour UK cover. I know Emily Ratajkowski didn’t write the cover line but does anyone really believe she doesn’t give a f-ck about what people think? That’s a hard thing to achieve for any celebrity. Also, think about the person on your social media feed who posts about “giving zero f-cks.” That person gives the MOST f-cks. Right?!


Lisa Bonet filed for divorce and a day later it was finalised. Very clean ending, has barely made any headlines. 


Christina Applegate had such an amazing moment at the Emmys and the two-piece Christian Siriano set was so great on her – the colour, the cut, the silk velvet. Siriano dressed so many people this year and I feel like as a red carpet designer, he does not get enough credit for his work. He consistently turns out better red carpet looks than most of the big fashion houses. And he’s not constantly pulling from the archives.


Obviously this show is going for a very specific tone (guns ‘n government) but why did they obscure Chris Pratt’s face so much? Considering how popular he is, you think they’d want to show him off a bit. 

Rosamund Pike had a ski accident and is thankfully OK, but her face did get banged up. (This Simone Rocha dress is spectacular on her.) But how can we talk about a blonde getting into a ski accident without mentioning the trial of the decade. If there was ever a movie made about it, this is perfect casting. Imagine her saying, “we lost half a day of skiing” – absolutely chilling.