I’m still here subbing in for Maria, whose feed, probably, like many others, is a lot of Taylor Swift today. I’ve already written a post about Taylor’s new album, Midnights, but there are people who have a lot more to say and will keep saying it and it’ll be the only thing they talk about. 


Even Shania Twain jumped in on Midnights

And Taylor also made an appearance, sort of, on a sports highlights package – anchor Faizal Khamisa managed to work in all 13 song titles from the album on the show. I wonder if she’ll send him a care package. 

Staying with Taylor and sports… someone else managed to connect her with Lewis Hamilton. It’s a stretch, but I’m always here for Lewis. 


As mentioned yesterday, Lewis is in Austin for the United States Grand Prix and there’s controversy off the track because Red Bull went over the cost cap, which some consider to be cheating, and now the sport is waiting to hear what the penalty will be. If you recall, Lewis was denied another championship because of a bullsh-t call at the end of the final race of the 2021 season. With this cost cap controversy, it’s brought up questions about whether or not the championship results will be affected. 

Here’s Lewis’s response when asked. 

Meanwhile Friday is runway day for Lewis and he showed up in a red sweater vest today, those photos are attached. 


You know who else showed up at practice today? Brad Pitt in his linens. He’s making a racing film that Lewis is producing. Is Tom Cruise jealous? 

Going back to Taylor Swift connections… 

Zoë Kravitz has two songwriting credits on Taylor’s album. And it just occurred to me that she was one of ELLE’s Women in Hollywood, named as The Explorer, but she didn’t attend the event earlier this week. Perhaps she’s busy in post-production on her film, Pussy Island

The male lead in Pussy Island is, of course, Channing Tatum, also Zoë’s boyfriend. He just shared a first look at Magic Mike’s Last Dance – featuring Salma Hayek caressing his abs. I can’t f-cking wait to see this movie. 


Speaking of movies, Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade just gave us their version of Sixteen Candles. I love this dynamic, I love when she calls him out about the socks – he has his own sock company! Howwwww is he going barefoot?! 

Also I will never tire of fashion posts set to Beyoncé’s “Cuff It”. I can’t go a day without listening to it at least twice. 

Hi, it’s me. I’m the problem, and my problem is BTS. And my requisite BTS mention in this space. I’m not the only one who’s mentioning BTS though. UNICEF did it today. 

Trevor Noah did it the other day. 

And for those of you who still think that BTS’s fanbase is under 20, i-D just did a profile of several BTS fans who travelled to Busan last week for their free concert with people ranging from 7 years old to 50 years old. 

And finally, I’ve been waiting to post this all week – the comedian who went mega viral on Australia’s Got Talent. She killed me. I am dead. I need a full hour of her. Her name is Huang He. And she explains it right off the top.