Katharine McPhee is getting fitted for her wedding dress (this isn’t it) so the wedding must be soon. This is David Foster’s 5th go, and he must be an absolute pro at this point – he knows the perfect time to start serving dinner and cut the cake and where to seat family members who don’t get along. Do you think he gets a new tux each time? I mean a tux is a tux.


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In more wedding news, US Weekly is reporting that Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani will be announcing an engagement soon (but we know US isn’t what is used to be). Gwen and Blake have been very serious for awhile, so is this really scoop? I don’t know if the engagement will make a big splash because they are so committed. What would most excite me about their wedding would be her dress – remember the pink Galliano dress from her first wedding? We all do because it was groundbreaking. I wonder if she will be as bold this time around. 


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Celebs who post photos on a private plane of course want you to know they can afford a private plane, but they can’t come out and say it, so they do stuff like this.


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There are a few stories about Millie Bobby Brown voicing “problematic thoughts” about the series, You. My only response is: she’s 14. There’s definitely a conversation to be had about how media directed at young women validates abusive behaviour disguised as romance, but I don’t think this falls on Millie as an individual. Running a teenager’s opinions through the faux-woke social media mill is part of the problem. Pressuring a teenager (and a young one at that) to parrot the “right” adult opinions is how we turn child stars into shells of real people, with no identity of their own. That is a problem. 


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I don’t think Val Kilmer looks like a woman here? But he does look like Mickey Rourke. 


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