I hate to admit this, but I’m still curious about Madonna’s butt. What was that? A bad angle? An awkward shadow? An enhancement? Am I bad feminist for caring about Madonna’s butt, or is Madonna someone who welcomes it? We might not see a new full body shot of her until the Met Gala (which she typically attends) and until then I have questions.


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I kept waiting for Grace to show up during Mark Wahlberg’s workout since this is a post mentions her birthday. She doesn’t. 


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“Which Treasonous Trump Insider Are You?”

The awkwardness of Posh having to squeeze out of the back seat is the most relatable she’s been in months. 


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James McAvoy lives in a WWE house. His son is 8 (I had to Google it to find out), so that checks out. 


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In a letter to shareholders, Netflix stated that its biggest competition is Fortnite and that “We compete with (and lose to) Fortnite more than HBO.” Parents could have told Netflix this months ago - enticing kids away from Fortnite is nearly impossible (and a movie or TV show certainly doesn’t do it, at least in my house). So how will Netflix react – will it buy the company that makes Fortnite? Or option the rights to turn the game into a choose-your-own adventure series? They can call it “I’m in the middle of a match.” (That’s some real mom humour right there.)