Madonna’s butt has made an appearance on Instagram! I can’t really see if it’s different from this short clip though. 


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Jessica Simpson had her baby shower and judging by the signage, the baby’s name will be Birdie. Busy Philipps has a Birdie, as does Brie Bella. Do you think that factors in the decision making?


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Naomi Campbell and Liam Payne are flirting on Instagram and I am very extremely here for it.


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Reports about Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone usually center around how serious they are because they spend a lot of time together on vacation. But vacationing together is part of the journey on the Leonardo DiCaprio Model Express – elaborate trips, meeting his mom, NYC bike rides, grainy photos coming out of sushi restaurants in LA. But Camila wants to be an actress and has her first movie coming out – besides Blake Lively (who temporarily crushed him), Leo doesn’t really mess with actresses. He and Kelly Rohrbach (the last model he was rumoured to be getting serious with) broke up as she started to work more in movies. Camila’s movie is premiering at SXSW so let’s see how that plays out. 


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Russell Brand (groan, I know) was all over Twitter this weekend because people were posting excerpts from his interview in The Sunday Times Magazine in which he talks about parenting. Or rather, not parenting. He’s too mystical to change a diaper or back carrot sticks and says his wife is just more “natural” at domestic duties (as in, making sure their children are fed). Social media has been trolling him non-stop over it. But I want to take the conversation in another direction: here is Russell pictured with his handsome dog. As we all know, dogs go to the bathroom outside, and that needs to be picked up. Assuming Russell doesn’t have an assistant with him, does he pick up after his dog? If he picks up after his dog, why is he so fussed about changing a diaper? At least diapers are contained.


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Attached: Naomi Campbell leaving the Christian Dior office in Paris on january 20, 2019.