Vogue covering Bella Hadid’s NFT platform feels cheap. We, as a society, have made as much fun of NFTs as possible and have moved on.


The Daily Mail has pictures of Toni Garn and Alex Pettyfer’s second wedding in Greece and it got me thinking about Alex and the trajectory of his career. He was supposed to be a huge star  - during press for the first Magic Mike, he was right alongside Channing Tatum. But there was drama when he dated Dianna Agron and then things went sideways with rumours of him being difficult to work with and he’s talked about ending up on Channing’s bad side. Reigniting the kind of buzz he had would be so hard because now there’s Austin Butler and the Euphoria boys and so many superheroes. It’s an interesting “what if” situation that kind of reminds me of Josh Hartnett. (Also, we could talk about Magic Mike because the first movie had drama and the filming of the third movie has major drama – what is going on there?)


Speaking of Channing Tatum, are he and Zoë Kravitz still together? There’s a corner of social media that fell out of love with Zoë (but it’s social media, which does not always line up with people’s real-life opinions). As mentioned above, he’s had issues (although it looked like he got on well with Salma Hayek) with Magic Mike 3. If they are together and choosing to keep it tight and not be photographed, it’s a good strategy. Nothing wrong with making people wonder a bit. 


Love the mix of purple and red but even Victoria Beckham, who doesn’t prize comfort in her clothing, looks like she has trouble sitting in them. What chance do the rest of us have?

Kelly Clarkson’s ex-husband has finally moved out of the Montana ranch that has been a huge point of contention in the divorce. According to US Weekly, he’s committed to being a pain in her ass despite collecting alimony (until 2024) and $45k/month in child support (she has primary custody, he has them one weekend a month). Now she can hopefully sell the ranch and there’s still the outstanding business lawsuits between them. I am rooting for her to be free of this man.


The Summer I Turned Pretty is all over influencer Instagram and crossing-over with multiple Bravo and gossip accounts. It’s very much like To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before but with a significant difference: it doesn’t seem like a lot of people are tweeting about actually watching it and when it comes to recommendations, it’s Twitter over Instagram every time. (Lainey: this is 100% my sh-t and I will be starting it soon-ish!)