If someone knows how to drive stick, they will let you know. It will be dropped into conversations (ahem, LAINEY). I’m not mad at it because trust me, I would be the same way. Juliette Lewis learned how to drive stick and drift for her 50th and I feel like this is a great gift to oneself because it mixes practicality (driving a stick is useful!) and thrill seeking. 


Lainey wrote about the manufactured controversy around Meghan Markle’s producers interviewing subjects for her podcast (it’s a common industry practice called “spearing”) and not some big scandal. Andy Cohen – who does TV and radio and a million other media jobs – agrees that it’s a non-issue.


This Daily Mail about Tom Cruise looking “tired” is ridiculous because he wasn’t nodding off, he was blinking! Can a man blink in peace?! And clearly, the Daily Mail doesn’t know Tom because he lives for the pictures, he loves to promote his films, and he puts every ounce of energy he has into it. He would never be caught sleeping on the job. As if!


“Jennifer Lawrence is ugly” is, in this context, the kind of joke I miss on social media. 


I feel like when you name a character in a movie “Channing Tatum” there’s an element of deception to it. Maybe that’s because my dumb ass read the whole story until I realized Channing Tatum is the dog’s name.


Remember those half-heart “best friends” necklaces you used to be able to get at Claire’s (and maybe still can)? Leo and Tobey are rocking the Wolf Pack version of those. Was there a ceremony to hand these out? Did the receivers have to take an oath not to date anyone with stretch marks? Most importantly, did Lukas Haas get one????

Attached: Tobey and Leo in Paris with their necklaces on June 21.