Brooke Shields has regrets about talking about her virginity when she was 20. She was very famous and of course none of this is her fault – the creepy obsession with young stars’ sex lives can apply to others like Britney Spears, Mandy Moore and the Jonas brothers. 


Today it’s not just the media that young stars have to worry about but the social media fandoms who are not that interested in virginity but are very interested in sex orientation. Heartstopper actor Kit Connor felt forced to come out because of taunts that he was queerbaiting his fanbase. The moral scolding (“if you hide anything from us, you are a bad person!”) and the invasive entitlement that some people use to hound young stars hasn’t changed that much.


Lindsay Lohan wearing Valentino and styled by Law Roach (!!!!!) in her red carpet appearance for Falling for Christmas. Law doesn’t just work with anyone and Lindsay hasn’t been attending typical Hollywood events or red carpets for a long time so this is a moment for both of them. Also, superstar makeup artist Kristofer Buckle and very hot hair stylist Danielle Priano were part of the team. I believe it was Gwyneth Paltrow who once told Courtney Love, “Once you're A-listyou're always A-list” and Lindsay is putting that theory to the test right now. 


This morning Lainey wrote about the new season of The Crown, which Sarah will review later. I’ve seen lots of the photos of Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana online and there’s fair bit of fawning over her hair and mannerisms. I think the tone of the short clip I’ve seen (Diana telling Martin Bashir there were three people in the marriage) is off. Diana seems sad and self-effacing, while Debicki plays it as cheeky and defiant. This is the problem with imitating a moment that went viral before the internet existed, a moment people view through the lens of history and their own opinions of Diana. For a deep dive into the costumes, I highly suggest reading the brilliant work of fashion journalist Rachel Tashjian, who explores what the reproduced looks get right and wrong in Harper’s BAZAAR. 


I said I would update on the situation with Chrissy Teigen and The Caker and the update is there’s nothing to report because Chrissy didn’t respond directly to her. The Caker (Jordan Rondel) has a pinned post that alludes to it and did an interview with Rolling Stone and Chrissy’s team gave them a statement denying the allegation of copying and wishing The Caker the best. Chrissy did not respond directly on social media which shows a lot of growth, considering her past behaviour. By ignoring it, there’s no “Chrissy Teigen claps back” story, there’s no hook or headline. Yes The Caker can be mad but she’s metaphorically talking to a wall if Chrissy doesn’t engage. Sometimes doing nothing is an effective PR strategy.