Katie Holmes has been very quiet, but she was at the Vanity Fair Oscar party. Now this is interesting because sometimes her ex-husband pops up at the Oscars as a surprise presenter and really, he is an A-list movie star so anytime he wants to show up he can. So does her team check ahead to make sure he won’t be there? It’s not like these two pretend they are friendly or in touch. I just wonder how she works around it, especially in professional settings.


Today in “celebrities trying really hard to appear quirky because they are NERDS who are WEIRD” news, Cara Delevingne tells InStyle she always wanted to be a spy because she looks at footprints and her friends think it’s strange. The interview is effusive, even by InStyle standards:  “She's fiercely unfiltered in interviews, but steely and focused onscreen, exuding the kind of cool that every brand tries to sell, but nobody can actually buy.” OK.


A trailer for Russian Doll dropped this week and there’s a big new twist (I won’t give it away for those who want to go into the second series with no information). The new concept the show is exploring has been done in a lot of TV shows and movies and it can be really amazing or kind of cheesy. Whatever the case, I will watch the whole season in a day because Natasha Lyonne is probably the coolest person on TV. I mean she definitely is. 



Succession will maybe (?) start filming this summer, as that’s usually the timeline, but a show like that takes time to write. After last season, where do they go? There was such a finality to Logan’s declaration and the emotional damage was severe. And I’m so curious if the season will pick back up with them still in Italy. (And since I mentioned Katie Holmes earlier, can I just take a second to Gossip Genie her and Nick Braun? They both live in New York, they are both tall and attractive and most important they have a friend connection – Jeremy Strong can hook them up.)

Still thinking about the Nancy Meyers Netflix movie and what we can get… which made me think of Julia Roberts. She has worked on one of Nancy’s screenwriting projects, I Love Trouble with Nick Nolte. And as Julia and Danny’s daughter Hazel seems to be entering the family business, there’s room for a mother-daughter storyline. Just the thought of Julia laughing while standing at a kitchen island gives me great joy. 


Selling Sunset has a new trailer which is, of course, incredible because this the dumbest, most hypnotic reality show. (I’m a loser so seeing Jason and Chrishell gave me a bit of the feels!) Chrishell was on the Kelly Clarkson Show and said she sold her wedding ring from her marriage to Justin Hartley to buy a house and Kelly applauded her decision and I wholeheartedly agree. Keeping jewelry from an ex doesn’t make sense (especially when it can be traded for real estate), unless you are JLO and she probably only kept Ben’s, for obvious reasons.