A bit of baby positivity on the timeline: Hilary Swank has had her twins, a boy and a girl. Hilary is probably the least gossipy two-time acting Oscar winner ever, right? She’s not papped, she’s not controversial and I don’t even remember the last time I read an interview with her. And if you read through the comments, she is very well-liked by her peers. 


The Peltz-Beckhams celebrated their one year anniversary with the OG Beckhams. It seems like whatever the rift was between the four has been mended. And considering how much negative buzz continues around the wedding (including a lawsuit involving embarrassing texts and Nicola’s parents), I’m sure they can appreciate the wisdom of a couple that has been through it all with the tabloids. And in the grand scheme of life, who doesn’t need a few months off from  both sets of parents after a wedding? 


Halle Berry is drinking wine in the sun and really, one of the last few celebrities who tweets in her own voice. Far be it for me to make demands but Halle is very funny and I feel like we aren’t getting to see that a lot. Where is the Halle Berry rom-com? Perhaps she’s a recent divorcee who buys one of those European villas for $1 and the contractor (Tom Hardy as a rough UK expat) and local winery owner (Javier Bardem) both fall in love with her. 

Speaking of celebrities who tweet in their own voice, Flea really took us on a journey here. I felt like I was right there with him. 


Did Adam Sandler go see Keith Urban’s show in Vegas? Not sure but it made me wonder if Adam and Nicole Kidman have done a movie together, which led me to Just Go With It. (I haven’t watched it and am going by the IMDb.) Heidi Montag was also listed in the credits. This is the magic of an Adam Sandler production. 


Every time I see a photo of Kristen Stewart her hair is different and I f-cking love it. There is no one cooler. I feel like 33 will be a very powerful year for her. 

Keke Palmer’s baby Leodis in a polka dot outfit with his little floppy hat! And look at this family colour coordination.


Oprah and friends went to the Vatican for Easter and can you imagine running into Oprah in an already-overwhelming place? It’s kind of like a two-for-one-religious experience for some.