The trailer for the new Rebel Wilson movie Senior Year just dropped and plunking an adult into a teen world (like 13 Going On 30 or Never Been Kissed) is a formula that has worked many times before. Also, Sam Richardson said yes to being in this and everyone wants to work with him because he is amazing so this alone makes me want to watch it. 


Lainey has all the details on the Bennifer engagement but I want to Sliding Doors this for a minute because really, we owe some of this to Craig Conover of Southern Charm on Bravo. IT’S TRUE. Let me explain: at a Southern Charm reunion, Craig was arguing with another cast member called Madison and said something along the lines of “you’ve been texting a married MLB player.” (He didn’t realize ARod and JLo were not married, just engaged.). He said Alex’s name but it was bleeped out by producers. Andy Cohen (the host of the reunion) heard it as did the other cast members. Bravo fans are sleuths so quickly pieced together who the “married” and former MLB player was. That kicked off the first public problems for them and within months, they broke up. If Craig hadn’t said that, or if the editors had cut it from the broadcast, it might have never gotten out and made headlines and the relationship might have taken longer to fall apart and then who knows what could have happened? I’m sure to Bennifer, their love is fated and can overcome any obstacle because they are meant to be, but from a gossip standpoint, it’s just an incredible chain of events. Cheers to Craig.


I should not make an achy breaky heart reference to the news that Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus might be getting a divorce (this has happened before and they’ve reconciled) but I will because I’m a hack.

Sam Elliott is apologizing for calling The Power of the Dog too gay to function but other stuff happened at the Oscars so his comments seem like a million years ago. 


Seth Rogen watches House Hunters and I have no doubt that he gets as exasperated with the people on there as the rest of us do. How have the casting directors, for literally hundreds of episodes, found the most whiny, entitled, annoying people to go on the show? They are always complaining about bathtubs!!!! (In 1820, they would have been complaining the outhouse doesn’t get enough light.)


Selena Gomez goes months without checking into Instagram and has posted three times in April (and a new haircut on March 31). Sign of something to come? Or is it part of campaigning?