Amy Schumer got dunked on for repeating an Alec Baldwin joke she said she wasn’t allowed to tell and now is backtracking saying she was never going to say the joke. This prompted me to go back and find the story in The Hollywood Reporter and the quotes are from her standup show at the Mirage in Las Vegas. According to the report, during her act she called Will Smith "Ali” (which is beyond f-cking predictable and corny and not that clever as Muhammed Ali is a sports and civil rights icon who completely changed culture) and told the audience that jokes she wanted about Joe Rogan, James Franco and the Alec Baldwin one and said, “My lawyer said not to say these.” 


Maybe she was taking liberties for her stand-up act, but she is the one who said that she was told not to say them, and is now saying she was never going to say it anyway. So which is it? Either way, it seems like the slap is going to be a part of her tour, even though it’s not a part of Chris Rock’s tour and he’s the one who was actually slapped.


The Kardashians are up to their usual shenanigans and misdirection, this time with Khloe “admitting” to photoshopping her daughter but is this really the way to take the heat off of Kylie hiring her own photographer for the red carpet at the Hulu premiere (and maybe not even attending in person?). Their tactics are quite artless so this is pretty obvious. One story I’d like to read is how lobbing “bad” press back and forth has been such a brand builder for them. It’s not only helped them get famous but has helped them maintain interest. Most celebrities/influencers are an island and don’t have four other people to take the heat off of them at a moment’s notice. Also, hate to admit that Kete is kind of growing on me.


Julie Bowen is having an interesting post-sitcom career as she’s producing a teen rom-com for Disney called Prom Pact and co-hosts a podcast called Quitters in which she and Chad Sanders interview famous people about stuff they’ve quit or would like to quit (like a job or social media). Quitting has a negative connotation but is an underrated thing. Bouncing on something that doesn’t work is life affirming. 


I’ll be off for a few days as I’m going to Disneyland. I was hoping for a miracle (spotting the Carter family) but Jay-Z and Blue were there in March with Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson. It looks like Moses and Apple were there too, but it’s hard to tell from the photos. And here’s Olivia Rodrigo at Disneyland in the perfect theme park outfit.