I survived Disneyland! Not going to lie, it was rough and wasn’t cute. I did not look like Chrissy Teigen (who was outside my hotel but I didn’t see her).


Goop is adding a new editorial format straight from GP. Behind-the-scenes, the company has had a shaky two years with multiple layoffs and much of the management team leaving. Editorial is not Goop’s strongest category (everything is designed to push towards the shop) so this is an easy way to drum up interest – and outrage. Gwyneth is always good for those kinds of clicks and using her life to sell lifestyle has been done several times over the life of Goop as she started off writing the newsletter, then transitioned and then there was a GP-focused newsletter with her social media feed (this was back around 2015, I think?) and then of course the print magazine that’s folded. Over the years, GP has said she wants the brand to be strong enough that she can step away and not be the face of it anymore but right now, the opposite is happening and it seems like they are leaning on her celebrity as much as possible. (Also, about the cruise: it’s not clear that she won’t actually be on the ship the entire time. She will probably board at a port and then get off after her talk, right? I’m curious as to what the face-to-face expectation is here.)


Like Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Simpson is hustling for her company right now. She’s announced plans for a men’s line and has been doing a lot of sponsored ads, probably to keep the cash flowing as she paid out of pocket to buy back her brand, there are bills to be paid.


I always commemorate Victoria Beckham’s birthday because it’s a temperature check on their marriage. David came through, all day, and as usual people are pissy about his mentioning of her as a “business woman” as if this is something he shouldn’t celebrate, when she spends a significant chunk of her life dedicating herself to her company. How does that in any way negate the sincerity of it? But I do have some concern about the Beckhams not related to their marriage – Brooklyn didn’t wish his mom a Happy Birthday and neither did his wife, Nicola. This is unusual and considering how online they both are, pretty glaring. There’s more: Brooklyn and Nicola didn’t appear to attend the party (hosted by David and Isabel Grutman in Miami) and in his post, David didn’t tag Brooklyn (he usually tags all the kids) but later edited it to include him and Brooklyn liked the post. Victoria did not tag Brooklyn or mention him. Again, this is highly unusual. Post-wedding drama?


John Travolta has a dog named Mac ‘N Cheese, which must get shortened to Mac for training purposes right? Is ‘N Cheese a middle name then, or a last name?