Jon Bernthal is already hot but this profile in GQ is going to raise his profile even more. Jon is 45 years old and since The Walking Dead has worked steadily (mixing TV and film) but now he’s famous. I love a later-in-life celebrity because they usually had years of struggle in a brutal business and have perspective on what is happening around them. GQ calls him a tough guy and it’s true – he often plays characters with a lot of physical presence but I personally would like to see him in a rom-com with Julia Roberts. 


I forgot to mention something about my trip to Disneyland: a lot of the couples looked like Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian. 

The Sex Lives of College Girls is back at the table and I really enjoyed the first season. Spoiler (or not because it’s been reported): one of the cast members won’t be back but it’s not one of the core four women so I really am not fussed about it. 


Lena Dunham wrote an interesting essay on female friendship to commemorate her work on Girls, the TV series that launched a million think-pieces. In hindsight, the controversy generated was way too noisy considering the show was not that outrageous. But HBO shows (like The Sopranos, Sex and the City, Girls, Succession, Euphoria) are that bitch that causes all this conversation. Except for Game of Thrones, which many of us were obsessed with and then promptly forgot about as soon as it ended. But back to Lena: she’s self-reflective (some call it self-absorbed) about how her real-life relationships informed and were affected by her work. And if you were wondering about what happened with her and her creative partner/best friend Jenni Konner, there are some answers in this essay. 


Vanessa Hudgens and Lala Anthony will be hosting the Vogue Met Gala live stream, which is sometimes chaotic. Vanessa has said some… interesting things …on Instagram live but she did do the Oscars red carpet and as far as I know, held it together. I mean she could have been a disaster and it wouldn’t have made a ripple because of the other big story that came out of that night. 


More on Vanessa: she was at Coachella and people on Twitter are complaining about the overall aesthetic this year, saying they miss the boho (which was often racially insensitive knock-offs of Indigenous clothing). I do not miss that mess.