Lainey mentioned Garcelle’s book promo looks last week and none of her castmates (save for one) have posted about it or left supportive comments and this is purposeful. Two of her castmates have taunted her about not making the NYT bestsellers list yet (one of them being Lisa Rinna, who has been completely swallowed by her TV persona). This is the yin-yang of having a career like Garcelle’s and being on a show like this – there’s a lot of press for projects, but you’re surrounded by people who thirst for clickbait and social media feuds. So even when you win, you are surrounded by losers, you know?


Twitter has moved on from the slap – hopefully for good – and the dominant story is now Elon Musk. I much prefer Twitter (which has a lot of ugliness already) to Instagram (which has a completely f-cked algorithm and a different kind of ugliness) but I’m also ready to watch it crumble. One day we will look at tweet screenshots the same way we look at old MySpace profiles: as a cultural archive. 


More on Ben and Raya: a clarification on this clarification is coming from Selling Sunset’s Emma Hernan, who now says it was back in 2019, which lines up with Ben’s timeline. The storylines on Selling Sunset are not exactly robust, so I can see why a nothingburger blew up. (Oh and for a hilarious journey into Emma’s “empanada” business, watch Danny Pellegrino’s stories.) Anyway, I don’t think JLo is bothered in the least. And who knew she was such a Ted Lasso fan.


No surprise Kate Hudson is making an album, she’s been flirting with music for a while. Actually surprised she didn’t do it sooner.


When celebrities want to flex their real estate, they go to Architectural Digest and get a glossy photo shoot and gushy profile about how thoughtful and unique their homes are. Not Harry Styles! Harry covers Better Homes & Gardens and I love this choice (for his album promotion). I want to see his living room and his plants. You know he has a lot of plants that he lovingly cares for.