Gigi Hadid posted some photos from inside her birthday party and she looks amazing, everyone does. One thing I love about Gigi is her absolute dedication to the Cake Boss. She always has one of his cakes at her celebrations and specifically gives him a shout out. 


Netflix is the current media company under scrutiny and in a financial free fall, but my mind has been on podcasts. Companies like Spotify shelled out for names like Joe Rogan and the Call Her Daddy podcast. After just 50 episodes, SmartLess (hosted by Jason Bateman, Will Arnett and Sean Hayes) scored an exclusivity deal valued up to $60-$80 million from Amazon. That’s a lot of cash and I would love to see a breakdown of how these deals fared in the long run. What is the return? How many podcasts are profitable? Where does all this money go considering that podcasts are relatively cheap to produce?


Could have my timeline wrong, but this looks like Poison Ivy era Drew Barrymore. Can you imagine them trying to make that movie today? Twitter would implode. And for a bit of gossip history: Leonardo DiCaprio was an extra on that movie. He and Sara Gilbert were friends, she hung out with the Pussy Posse and was mentioned in the legendary NY Magazine profile of Leo and his crew. If Leo was any fun at all (which he is not), he would go on the Drew Barrymore show so they could reminisce. 

There’s a day for everything and today is National Superheroes Day, I guess? Well it’s nice to finally see Marvel get some attention. 


A little inside baseball of what happens when the behind-the-scenes teams become the gossip. Karla Welch is a prominent stylist and posted an Instagram story from the Keke Palmer tweet with a line about “anon please” gossip sightings. Hailey Bieber and Kacey Musgraves reposted it and DeuxMoi (the “anon please” feed they were definitely referring to) took offense and now refuses to post any content about Hailey or Kacey, while also making a jab that photographs are only OK when the stylist (referring to Karla) calls the paps. It’s immature, it’s messy, it’s petty and it’s also low stakes. A gossip snack rather than a whole buffet.


Pedro Pascal knows exactly what he’s doing to us with this. Why don’t we ever Gossip Genie him? Let’s think on it.