Olivia Wilde’s financial information was leaked because of her continuing custody battle with Jason Sudeikis which has to be frustrating, embarrassing and anxiety-inducing. Most people would not want others knowing what they have in their bank account, down to the dollar. Laura Wasser is her attorney and I need to know if Jason has ever watched Marriage Story. Who is his Ray Liotta?


Mandy Moore posted an Instagram story about being betrayed by a person close to her. It’s cryptic but also candid, if that makes any sense at all, and she mentions she did not know this for a long length time but they were “intimately involved.” I’m not sure if it was deleted or it expired, but you can see a screenshot here. This type of posting is really not Mandy’s style so she must be upset and if I’m guessing – and this is a total guess – I’m thinking it’s not a friend or family member but maybe someone who worked for her in a close capacity (like a nanny or personal assistant). My gossip tingles are telling me it has to do with her children. 


The Beckhams are learning to salsa dance together (very cute), how are the British tabloids going to twist this into a divorce story? 


We’ve heard about Tom Cruise’s legendary coconut cake gift, something he sends to industry friends and well-wishers (it’s from Doan’s Bakery in Beverly Hills). Brooke Shields was on the coconut cake list, then delivery became sporadic and now it’s completely stopped. So if you are Tom and you get word Brooke wants back on the list, what do you do? Ignore it? Add her back knowing she will talk about it? (She mentioned how over the years the names on the card have changed, with Katie and Suri’s name being dropped.)  My guess is Brooke can expect a coconut cake soon because Tom is magnanimous like that. 


Is Shucked on Broadway the next Hamilton? I feel like so many celebrities are posting about it. I’m going to New York this summer so am getting my tickets now. 

You know when you read a story that opens your eyes to something that was right in front of you but you didn’t see? That’s what Emilia Petrarca’s story on the name “Emily” has done for me. I had never connected those dots and the way she does is delightful. I already have a favourite Emily, our LG site manager. 


Wait, US Weekly is reporting Chris Appleton and Lukas Gage are engaged?! This wedding is going to be amazing and packed with celebrities. I want a ten-page photo exclusive in PEOPLE, I want multiple engagement parties on both coasts, I want the bachelor party pics.