Netflix has released a new trailer for The Crown. The tone is one of a more mature, cynical Queen and Prince Phillip possibly being a louse – so far, I’m very into it. And it’s coming out in December, a perfect holiday binge.

The Rock talks about his past failure in Vancouver and pretty much gives away the hotel he is staying at with this video. Have you been watching Ballers? I watch it, it’s ridiculous – like season 8 of Entourage ridiculous. Why are the characters on the phone so much? Was it to work around The Rock’s filming schedule?

The Hollywood Reporter asked Leah Remini about Elisabeth Moss. When asked if Leah would speak to her even though it is likely forbidden on Elisabeth’s end, she said “I don't hold anything against Elisabeth Moss other than she's continuing to support a group that is abusive and destroying families.” That would make for some awkward chit-chat.


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Judd Apatow’s selective wokeness has always bugged me. #OscarsSoWhite creator Reign of April is someone whose opinion should be weighing heavily on him this week after his dumbass tweet about Confederate. Since this, Judd has backtracked on the “censorship” word, but stands by his point that art shouldn’t be judged before it's made. He chooses the strangest hills to die on – because he can.

YOU GUYS, Dasha Zhukova and Roman Abramovich have split. This is my Brange. Do you know how deep this goes? Roman has often hosted Leonardo DiCaprio and his boys on his floating empire – his yacht is so big it has its own Wiki page. In March, there was a silly rumour about her and Joshua Kushner (Karlie Kloss’s boyfriend, Jared’s brother) but I checked out Instagram timelines and it doesn’t add up. Joshua posted about Karlie in June, and Dasha and Karlie have hung out since then. There are so many other angles here though: Roman often hosts Leo and his boys on Empire, and Dasha is very good friends with Jennifer Meyer. Along with Wendi Deng. Both have had two children with insanely wealthy moguls. What’s her advice here? If it’s not, “Don’t get mad, get everything”, I would be extremely disappointed.


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Whoever said 'the grass is always greener on the other side' must have been talking about this place 🍃

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