Hilary Swank and Mariska Hargitay not just friends but, best friends? Did we all know this?


Like Rachel Dratch, I am very into the Dear David thread. Here’s the story: Adam Ellis has been chronicling his paranormal experiences with a little boy called Dear David, who hovers in his dreams and around his apartment. Adam is a comic book writer and swears this is not a viral marketing campaign. Even if it is, it’s very creepy, especially the cats.



Here’s a teaser video for the Catherine Zeta-Jones Collection; it doesn’t show us anything specific except CZJ in various stages of glamorous repose. It’s not a total vanity project though, she’s selling on QVC. Celebrities go to QVC when they want to sell a lot of volume and make bank.



Yesterday Joanna and I were discussing whether this is Ines or James. My guess is James, because it’s a TBT and Ines is about to turn one. I was more interested in the kitchen. Is this someone’s house, or a rental? Because that’s a lot of copper. It’s definitely a deliberate look.



Yesterday Heather Matarazzo posted a thread about an exchange she had with her agent about her social media after her agent was contacted by two separate men saying they didn’t want to work with Heather because her posts are TMI. Ellen Barkin then commented that this kind of misogyny is common in Hollywood and it would take a very powerful movie star to name a name and change things. When asked who she’d nominate, this is how she answered.







Where did PJ Mask come from? Which evil genius finally figured out that even small children are helpless against superhero marketing? I’ve lived through Paw Patrol, I’ve endured Caillou, I’ve tolerated Peppa Pig, but the PJ Mask theme song, particularly “bedtime, is the right time, to fight crime” grates like nothing else.



Just a typical Thursday night at the Fisher house...featuring Catboy, Gekko and Owlette! It's time to be a hero! #PJMasks

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