There’s been some speculation about Gisele Bundchen dating her jiu-jitsu instructor as they are often photographed together at home and on vacation. There hasn’t been solid confirmation and there still isn’t, but this is as close as it gets: a 5 am airport pick-up


The airport pick-up is reserved for special people like elderly parents, best friends who live across the country, or a hot relationship. At 5 am, that’s extra special because it’s not like Gisele needs to save the taxi money. She could have easily arranged a car but they both wanted the curb-side reunion. Like they couldn’t wait to see each other, you know?


Lori Harvey has launched a new swimwear brand (she also has a skincare line), Yevrah (yes, Harvey spelt backwards). The shots are stunning (of course), and some of the designs include body jewelry, a staple of her wardrobe. Like many glamorous people, Lori has been in Europe this summer and was spotted with her boyfriend Damson Idris in mid-July. She is quiet about her personal life so we can take that as a sign they are still dating. We know how Lori rolls – she is the person who is posted about, not the one who gushes about “this guy” or “my person.” Damson is filming that F1 movie with Brad Pitt, which is obviously on hold right now.


More shots from behind-the-scenes of Priscilla. And Sarah can confirm this, but I think A24 has an agreement with the union so its projects can go ahead (Sarah: they do!). Great timing for festival season. 


When I saw Drake wearing an American flag hat I immediately went to Twitter because Hunter Harris never disappoints. “Storming the capital-core” LOL LOL LOL LOL. 


Kerry Washington has a new memoir coming out. Celebrity memoirs can be anything from a collection of essays to a linear retelling of one’s life story, it’s a loose genre. Kerry is intentional with her fame in that she is, obviously, very famous and consistent on social media. She uses fashion in her work, is politically active and she promotes her projects enthusiastically and openly. Yet… what do we know about Kerry Washington? I had to look up her husband’s name. No clue how many kids she has or their ages. Where does she live? I don’t know. Can’t recall the last time I saw a candid pap shot of her. It’s unlikely she will want to give up that privacy, so I’m curious about how that part of her life will be dealt with in her life story.