Is it me, or are celebrity divorces mean again? Ever since “conscious uncoupling” entered the pop culture conversation, there’s been an expectation that celebrity exes will split up lovingly (or at least quietly). But there’s been a few nasty ones lately: Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis, which is getting more contentious with each week; Ioan Gruffudd and Alice Evans (“saggy vagina eyes” comes to mind), Emily Ratajkowski & Sebastian Bear-McClard (lots of cheating allegations), and now Michelle Branch and Patrick Carney – she tweeted and deleted about him cheating and was arrested for allegedly slapping him. Divorce is a very personal thing and each split is different, but it definitely feels like a larger shift has happened in the way these divorces are playing out in PEOPLE, Page Six, the Daily Mail etc. 


One couple who has divorced quickly and quietly with a statement about being “good friends” is Jerry Hall and Rupert Murdoch. I’m sure that was a rock solid prenup, and it’s not Jerry or Rupert’s first merry-go-round, so it was really just about the paperwork. 

Cardi B. posted about boiling onions and using the water for her hair and I had never heard of this. Google calls it ‘onion water” (that’s efficient), and apparently it works? My scalp gets irritated easily and I shed a ton of hair throughout the day and night – should I try this? If you’ve done it, let me know. 


Drake’s father, Dennis, got Drake’s face tattooed on him, and now Drake has gotten his mother’s initials tattooed on his face. Drake has several face tattoos on him, including his mother, Adonis, his producing partner 40, Sade, Aaliyah – at one point does the gesture lose its luster? Like if someone has one face tattoo it’s significant, but if they have eight or nine, it's an aesthetic. Drake is face tattoo guy.


Yesterday Stephanie wrote about the old Beckhams vs the new Peltz Beckhams and how tricky in-law relationships can be. Brooklyn is on the cover of Variety (how much do they pay their publicist?!), and while he gave a blasé answer about everything being fine with both families, he only reposted his dad’s post about the cover. He ignored his mom. And this is where I get a little in my feelings about it because David is just as invested in Brand Beckham as Victoria is, and David and all of the children are very close, so I find it hard to believe that if the OG Beckhams were “sidelined” during the wedding that it would only be Victoria who had an issue with that. And I find it hard to believe that Brooklyn turning to his father-in-law for constant business advice, rather than his own father, wouldn’t cause some hurt. Men are not above that! And the thing with Brooklyn is he knows that the UK tabloids are watching, so why only repost his father and not his mother? Either leave it alone or say it with your whole chest. But he’s spoiled and rich and I think misreading the situation: the Peltz Beckhams are wildly overestimating their own popularity and wildly underestimating how many people will sympathise with Victoria. 


We’ve covered the Beckhams a lot but let’s get to another social media freeze I’ve noticed: Leah Remini and Jennifer Lopez. This seems extremely odd as it was Leah who got the first sanctioned photo of Bennifer 2.0 up on social media but over the last few months there’s been nada. Zip. Zero. Not on the engagement and not on the wedding. But WHY? They have great friend chemistry, I hope they haven’t fallen out.