Selena Gomez and Francia Raisa went for dinner in a very public way and it was absolutely on purpose. This is the final word. For now.


Some of the Parks and Recreation team showed up to picket and these kind of nostalgic reunions are great for visibility. Not everyone was there – Amy Poehler and Rob Lowe weren’t there but both have picketed with the WGA. Rashida Jones and Aziz Ansari (whose film was shut down by the WGA picket line in May) haven’t posted about it, which could mean nothing as they both aren’t very active on social. You know who did post? Chris Pratt, which is surprising because so many people see him as a hard-right celebrity (for various reasons) but now, in the comments, people are (hilariously) calling him a commie. 


Page Six is reporting that Irina Shayk is “cutting off friends” to stop leaks about her and Tom Brady’s new situation. Two thoughts on this: Irina dated and had a baby with a massive movie star so if she had loose-lipped friends, wouldn’t they have sold out her and Bradley Cooper? He is at least as famous as Tom Brady. Then there’s the intel – if she is tightening her social circle to be more trustworthy, why was it immediately leaked to Page Six? The math ain’t mathing!


Zac Efron has some high-quality spon-con and it leads me to this question: which celebrity would you go camping with? This is like the “who would you invite to dinner?” game but arguably more important because you need to do things with this celebrity that include setting up a tent, cooking outside and dealing with the elements and nature. Zac Efron would be at the top of my list. And maybe a Hemsworth? 


Many people are wondering why the Vogue supermodel cover didn’t include Claudia Schiffer. She doesn’t appear to be in the documentary (although that remains to be seen) and also, she is fully retired. She follows Linda, Cindy, Naomi and Christy on social media and showed up for the Versace tribute runway. I think these four were chosen for the documentary for the impact they had, even amongst their equally-famous peers. 


Ms. Tina is freshly separated and living her life on Beyonce’s tour. Nearly every night she is there, dancing and celebrating with friends and family. She’s in a VIP section (obviously) but I imagine the Beyhive is on the lookout for her every night. That’s a star sighting.