Joe Jonas is promoting the same injectable that Gwyneth Paltrow promotes and the hook is about how this particular brand doesn’t have unnecessary proteins but still softens lines. I’m not going to get on celebrities for promoting injectables because it’s better than promoting a drug store moisturizer and at-home hair colouring kit and pretending to use it, right? No shade to Aveeno, but that is not touching Jennifer Aniston’s body. At least you know with injectables, there’s some truth to it. 


Jennifer Aniston threw up some vacation photos and she is not in Italy. It looks like Cabo, which is her usual go-to. She is with long-time friends, including Jason Bateman and his wife. They go way, way back and spend almost every Sunday together (along with Jimmy Kimmel and his family). I wonder what she (her chefs) serve for dinner. Jennifer is pretty regimented. Do they switch it up or is it the same thing every week? 


Zayn Malik singing "Night Changes"… what does it mean. Nothing? Everything? He was the first to leave One Direction and doesn’t need to use the band’s name for promotion or publicity and I think that can affect the way a person looks back. He chose to let go, you know? He wasn’t clinging to it. In that way, this doesn’t seem thirsty (ahem, Liam).


Everyone is kind of sick of nepo babies pretending to have it so hard but Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s son Charlie Hall is going to be on Sex Lives of College Girls and um, this is a nepo baby we can get behind. As the tweet says, this woman has given us so much!


OK serious question and not to sound like too much of an asshole but… how much nostalgia is too much nostalgia? The podcasts-about-TV shows are a whole genre (like Office Ladies and Talking Sopranos) but there’s something about Rachel Bilson that feels stuck in The OC timeline. It’s like someone being obsessed with high school in their 30s and 40s. I want new work for her.


Attached - Joe Jonas out in LA with Sophie Turner and friends the other day.