Raquel/Rachel Leviss appeared on Bethenny Frankel’s podcast and there’s a lot to unpack but I’ll try to keep it brief. Is reality TV exploitive? Yes, and everyone who joins thinks they can game the system but it’s too powerful. Raquel/Rachel joined Vanderpump Rules well into its chaotic run and adults who appear on these shows make choices. Is Bravo exploitive to its talent (in terms of underpaying/undervaluing)? Yes. The network makes loads and the producers have a lot of power and use the “tell your own story” carrot as a way to get cast coming back. Plus, fame is addictive.


 That said! Is Bethenny the working TV star saviour she is claiming to be?  Bethenny is and will always be about Bethenny. 


Diddy posted a wonderful tribute to Clarence Avant. 


Every time I post about Jennifer Lopez’s skin I get angry emails with close-ups of her face. There is a healthy level of skepticism around celebrities who sell us things, as there should be. But do not tell me this woman secretly has bad skin. I don’t believe olive oil is the reason for her glowing skin but I also don’t think she overdoes it at the dermatologist office. Restraint is key! And about the no-filter claim: I’m choosing to believe it because I think she has great lighting. She has her hair/makeup done multiple times a week for work, she definitely has a glam room with the best set up. 


Jessica Biel’s KinderFarms has landed a spot on Inc.’s list of fastest growing companies. She doesn’t go super heavy on the promo on her Instagram so many people didn’t know that she is a co-founder. The product line specializes in plant-based protein shakes, medicine and electrolyte drinks, a hugely growing market. Smart investment.


Rupert Murdoch met his new girlfriend through his ex-wife Wendi Deng. And there’s more: he is dating molecular biologist Elena Zhukova, mother of Dasha Zhukova (who was married to Roman Abramovich and is now married to Stavros Niarchos). They are rich rich rich. Dasha is very connected to the social scenes in LA, New York and London. Wendi making sure her ex keeps his dating pool amongst friends makes sense. There are social ties between them all and that means no new faces, no risk of an outsider going rogue.