Severance has been able to make noise in a very crowded TV market and I haven’t watched it yet but I’m here to talk about Adam Scott. He’s an interesting actor because he can play earnest (Parks & Rec) as well as a huge prick (Step Brothers, an underrated comedic performance). Playing a jerk in comedies can be a real career accelerator, like Bradley Cooper in Wedding Crashers. Adam is hitting a new stride in his career with Severance and we always talk about Rob Lowe and Paul Rudd and we can add Adam Scott to this list: he’s 49 and looks downright boyish. 


Ryder Robinson and Iris Apatow went Instagram official in February and it’s now August, with not much of an update. They still follow each other on Instagram and occasionally like each other’s posts but they haven’t posted together in a while and he’s going to college soon. So what is the situation here? Together? Broken up? In a grey zone? Whatever it is, they both seem unbothered. Much smoother than throwing up inspirational quotes and deleting photos from the grid. I feel like 18-year-olds are too social media savvy for that kind of behaviour.


For many of us, there are only a few weeks left of swimsuit weather but there are two suits I want to highlight. Lupita Nyong’o’s has a lot going on: it’s ribbed, floral and has scalloped edges but altogether, it looks light and airy. Very pretty. And different but also super cute is January Jones in a retro polka dot bikini by Marysia (it’s sold out). 

Earlier today, Lainey posted a great piece on Brooklyn Peltz Beckham’s social circle and young marriage and made me think of the Biebers because there are some parallels. It’s constant togetherness. 


After a few years of dormancy, my least favourite celebrity conspiracy is rising again: fake baby bumps. It’s stupid, it’s invasive, it’s illogical and it shows a disturbing lack of basic knowledge about the way pregnant bodies move. I’m not going to point out who the current target is but my question is, even if she is faking it – who cares? Instead of celebrity photos, this is from Action Canada for Sexual Health & Rights.


Jennifer Lopez has a connection to She-Hulk: Attorney at Law via director Kat Coiro, who said she’d like to see JLo in the MCU. We know her husband Ben is with DC, so this would be interesting. Would be the first real-life husband and wife to be on opposing teams? Not that this is imminent but I feel like sometimes an actor expresses interest in MCU and then it happens.

JLo's She-Hulk connection