Internet sleuths are theorizing that there are issues between Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox and they just took a pap walk. Coincidence or conspiracy?


Honk For Jesus. Save Your Soul. looks so good but it’s on Peacock, a streaming service that endlessly confuses me. I will track this down because of the super charismatic stars, Regina Hall and Sterling K. Brown, and the storyline (a megachurch caught up in scandal). This is giving me The Righteous Gemstones meets The Comeback. 


Speaking of The Comeback, Lisa Kudrow has said a third season is unlikely because there have been no discussions with HBO (and I have no idea if this would be kicked over to HBO Max, which is a sh-t show right now). This is a shame because it is a brilliant show, one of the all-time greats in my opinion. Two perfect seasons. (Also I chose this photo because the real estate twins could totally cameo on The Comeback.)


Jonah Hill is working on his mental health and anxiety, specifically taking a step back from social media (he deleted his Instagram) and promotion from any upcoming films (which means no junkets, interviews or talk show appearances). It’s a personal and professional boundary and in terms of work, I do wonder if this will move the needle on the amount of promo expected of actors. I suspect some actors (like The Rock) want to do a lot of in-person promo but for the ones that don’t thrive in that environment, will they be seen as difficult for opting out? It’s like the work-from-home versus in-office debate that continues, but for celebrities. 


Alexis Bledel and her husband Vincent Kartheiser have split up and just a few months ago, Lauren Graham and Peter Krause announced their breakup. Tough summer for the Gilmore Girls and the show’s official Instagram posted this, which feels a little on the nose.