Puck News has a very interesting report about Justin Bieber as apparently he is in a midst of a split with Scooter Braun and the two haven’t spoken in months. Justin has also left his agency (CAA) and let go of his lawyer, so it appears he’s cleaning house. Firing an agency is one thing, but firing a manager who is so closely linked to his career is another – Scooter may have “discovered” Justin but Justin turned Scooter into a power player. This goes deep. 


Justin has sold part of his catalogue and the words “mounting debt” are used. The report also claims that Lou Taylor, a key player in Britney Spears’s conservatorship, is involved with Justin. Anyone else just get a chill?


Sarah wrote about Robert De Niro’s birthday party and mentioned the Baldwins, and I want to add to that. Does Hilaria do the accent in a room like this, with some of the world’s greatest actors and directors – these people have worked with/heard many, many different types of accents on set. Does she dare pull out her “how you say” card in this room? My guess is yes. I think Hilaria is method. She lives the lie so deep, it’s not a lie to her anymore. (Also, imagine explaining to Christopher Walken that her accent is fake. Just imagine that conversation happening in real time, like Leo trying to tell him that she’s from Massachusetts.)


Kate Young is a powerful stylist, part of the “blonde mafia” that has a hold on the industry right now, and she’s lost some big clients: Margot Robbie (who switched up for Barbie, with great results), Jennifer Lawrence (who has undergone “The Rowification” with stylist Jamie Mizrahi) and Selena Gomez, who was recently styled by Erin Walsh. What’s interesting about the Margot relationship is that Kate did work with Greta Gerwig, styling her in custom looks (like Valentino) for Barbie. So Kate was there, she just wasn’t working on the star. Another example is Anne Hathaway: after their Hollywood Reporter magazine cover, Anne went on to be styled (very successfully) by Erin Walsh. I would love to know how this all shook out, preferably a 10,000 word Vanity Fair article or a Vulture oral history. 



This next post is a little unusual because it’s not about a celebrity person, but it is about a celebrity burger. If you get a lot of cooking videos in your algorithm, have you noticed the Big Mac-ification of food? Everything is a “Big Mac” now – Big Mac tacos and Big Mac burritos and Big Mac breakfast sandwiches. The key is the shredded lettuce and the sauce but the thing with fast food dupes is that they never quite measure up to the original, do they? Like a Big Mac is a memory, it’s a feeling. It’s not about the burger but the process of going to McDonald’s. 


Anyway, I really wanted to talk about McDonald’s because in addition to Big Mac being the It Burger of summer (taking the crown from the smash burger), Grimace has become an influencer. Kids are obsessed with him. His birthday was a whole event with a special, sold-out-everywhere milkshake. And he’s a queer icon!