The sitcom Kevin Can Wait, starring Kevin James (because that is still happening), recently made headlines because Leah Remini was hired and the lead female Erinn Hayes was let go. I can’t speak to the decision because I’ve never seen the show, and obviously Leah has the experience (both with Kevin and without) to secure her spot. But you know what’s telling? Erinn Hayes tweeted out her firing June 3 and outlets just started picking up on it this week because CBS said her character would be killed off. Her tweet went virtually unnoticed by entertainment journalists for months. Ouch.

I’m completely caught up on Insecure and I noticed in the last episode that Frieda (played by Lisa Joyce) looks like Beyoncé’s assistant, Sam Greenberg. Sam’s Instagram is private (obviously) so I don’t know if she is still working for Beyoncé. I want to know things about Sam Greenberg, all relating to what she does for Beyoncé. Beyoncé has entrusted her nipples to Sam, so you know that she was not junior assistant.


Raise your hand if you want to be Sam. 🙋🏽 #beyonce#samgreenberg#parkwood

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This Is Us season 2 premiere is slated for September 26. Huge expectations, right? Sophomore years are notoriously tricky even for great shows and This Is Us has set up a certain formula of reveals and emotional surprises for the audience. Do they stick with that, or move in a different storytelling direction?

Aaron Paul looking confused at a fashion show” is the meme of the day.


These two are my favorite. There is more here: @daviddabo55

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This is British Vogue’s last cover under their old leadership team of Alexandra Shulman and Lucinda Chambers, who I briefly wrote about here. It’s the September issue, typically fashion magazines’ biggest and most important cover of the year. And this, the flat hair, the sparkles, the cutouts, it certainly does feel like Fall. And more tragically, it doesn’t feel fresh. Could be a Kardashian selfie. They’ve gone out with a whimper, not a bang.

Do you think Josh Gad could have booked a VIP tour and decided to do it the regular way? That is insanity to me -- who would choose this over no lines and crowds? If you can fast-track at Disneyland, why wait in line for 2 hours?! Anytime I can pay for expediency I will because I don’t think waiting in lines is virtuous if you don’t need to do it. In fact, I think it’s wasteful and unnecessarily stressful. Pre-booking is not the same as budging to the front of the line, or pulling a “do you know who I am”; I think of it as being organized and economical with time. One day his daughter will be a teenager and look back at this and realize that her Dad put her through a character-building experience and if she is as petty as I am, she will be SO PISSED.

Fine, it’s a clever caption but all I can look at is Ryan Reynold’s face. It’s super hazy in Vancouver right now, is that contributing to the lighting? Because his skin is luminous. And I don’t use that word lightly.


Enjoyed running into Rob Delaney at the 1956 Saskatchewan Men's Conference. #deadpool2

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