Bruno Mars did a Twitter Q&A and was asked about pineapple on pizza. I am extremely pro-pineapple. It’s quite a divisive issue.


So many celebrities were posting videos of the eclipse yesterday but this is the only live reaction you need – Jennifer Lewis, filmed by Tracee Ellis Ross.



ECLIPSE ~ @jeniferlewisforreal #blackish

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And this is my favourite caption, by Danny McBride. Stay in your lane, moon. You get to control the tides, isn’t that enough?



The moon needs to stay in his lane. Popping off and trying to be the sun.

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Beyoncé feeling herself to Prince.


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Kenny G. has not met a sax pun he doesn’t love. Do you think he owns a vacation home nicknamed “Sax on the Beach”? God I hope so.





This photo isn’t new but I’m using it as an excuse to post about Oprah’s interview in Vogue. It’s really, really good – Oprah knows how to be interviewed, her energy is right there. I especially liked how she dissects what happened with Beloved and if it would be received differently today. Definitely a valid question.