Annette Bening will be making another Oscar run this year but if the strike continues through campaign season, she will be on the picket lines. Jodie Foster is a director and free to promote the film and Annette’s performance and the advantage here is Jodie is also a famous name. 


It’s pretty much a consensus that Annette is brilliant and in previous years has been deserving of a win, plus her peers love her– will this be her year? 


Has everyone finished The Bear’s second season? The story has really taken shape and I wonder if this show will be a short run like Ted Lasso. I enjoy it but it might only need three seasons.


OK this is an interesting corner of the internet: former monk Jay Shetty, podcaster and spiritual-advisor-to-the stars who married Ben and JLo, and his wife Radhi Devlukia are in a weird place (at least on social media). He’s still posting about her on Instagram but it seems very calculated (and they do business together, because of course a spiritual advisor would have a sparkling tea line available on Amazon). She has not posted about him in ages. 


This is not spon-con and I co-sign Alan Cumming and the Mutti tomatoes. It’s a solid choice. I prefer the Passata (in the tall glass jar) to cans because it is strained of the seeds.

Naomi Campbell has a new documentary and a highly anticipated fashion collaboration with Pretty Little Things coming up. This is a huge deal as she we know her as the face of campaigns but she’s immersed in the fashion industry. She knows fit, fabrics and construction- think of the thousands of pieces she’s worn in her adult life and the hours spent in fittings. She has a really deep love for the craft but how will that translate to fast fashion? 


I have a theory that the Taylor Swift concerts have overtaken “celebrities in Italy” as a summer achievement. Think about it: these concerts are expensive, the VIP areas are VERY exclusive and when a famous person attends, they are sure to let us know they were there and had an amazing time. And other celebs who were also there jump in the comments (hi, Reese Witherspoon). Like vacation bragging, it’s not enough to have the experience‑- part of the fun is showing off.