In mid-August, PEOPLE reported that Rita Ora and Taika Waititi got married but their reps didn’t confirm it outright. Rita is a big fashion person so I’m wondering if there will be a magazine spread – maybe British Vogue? It sounds like something is coming. I would be interested in her dress because I feel like lately, there’s been a lot of very traditional wedding gowns for celebrities. Maybe she opted for something different. 


Even I, a committed reality TV watching person, cannot keep up with every show but I have been curious about Selling the OC, a spin-off of the hypnotic and obviously scripted Selling Sunset. Both the original and the new show are starting with a cast member that will get them a lot of press because of their more-famous partner: Chrishell Stause was married to Justin Hartley (we know how that went) and Tyler Stanaland of Selling the OC is married to Brittany Snow. But Tyler and Brittany don’t post a lot of photos on IG, though she does comment on his with some regularity. Whatever the state of the relationship, it will certainly help him be a breakout star in a large ensemble because she’s an already established name. 


A viral TikTok that pointed out Aubrey O’Day’s clearly photoshopped travel posts has been making the rounds and Aubrey has responded by taking her Adobe subscription to the limit, all the way to the gates of heaven. “Respect my aesthetic” – so, this is performance art? And vibes. 


Has everyone had a chance to watch season three of Never Have I Ever? I’m on my second watch and – no -spoilers – the way the writers move characters in and out of each other’s lives, which happens so much in high school, is really bittersweet. 


Even if you don’t watch Stranger Things (I’m several seasons behind), the cast has so much buzz and their fame has transcended the show. Charlie Heaton and Natalia Dyer have been dating for a while and often photographed out together. But… the Daily Mail has photos of him kissing someone who is not Natalia just a few days ago.  This hasn’t made a lot of headlines in North America yet but it definitely feels like a bubbling story. Either this is breakup announcement (which shippers will have some big feelings about) or he was cheating. Or, option three, they are open.