Mr. K of Bang Bang Tattoo posted a photo of Angelina Jolie’s hands and blurred out her new ink. Of course people in the comments are guessing she got “F-ck Brad” or something similar but come on, that’s not Angelina’s style. That’s way too petty and she’s not obsessed with him.


 Mr. K confirmed it’s nothing to do with Brad and it will be revealed soon. On another note, a tattoo artist in Rome commented that he worked on one of “her daughters” and wasn’t allowed to photograph it and that it was not fair. Um, ya it’s fair. Getting photographed is not a requirement of getting a tattoo. And if you ever wonder why so many celebrities go to the same shops, these are a couple of reasons: they don’t want a rando talking about their kids’ tattoos or posting their identifiable designs.


I love when celebrities talk about their daily routines, like The Strategist’s “What I Can’t Live Without” series. These questionnaires are a delicate balance for most celebrities, who want to seem relatable but also fun and influential and a teeny bit fancy. Like in a “yes I’m better off financially than you but I’m also quirky and use Aquafor!” kind of way. Fat Joe’s answers are so unpretentious and wholesome I had to share: Dove soap, movie popcorn and sparkling water make Joe a happy boy. “My wife’s best friend said the other day, ‘Joe’s real simple. Just sit him on the couch and give him a sugar-free Bomb Pop, and he won’t bother nobody.’” Bomb Pop zen. 


Hold on - did anyone have any idea that Halle Berry just got divorced from Olivier Martinez? Obviously they split up forever ago but according to TMZ, they just settled the child support and custody agreement. It took eight years! That sounds terrible. And very, very expensive!


Sara Ramirez is taking issue with their interview in The Cut. Was it snarky? Yes, at times. Is comparing Che and Sara unfair? This is where it gets tricky as SJP is often compared to Carrie (and how different they are). That is a common theme for profiles on actors who are playing really buzzy characters. But I also understand why Sara would feel mocked and invalidated, though I don’t think the writer was trying to mock or invalidate them, if that makes sense? It’s impact versus intent. Sara is a real person who cares deeply for things and Che is a meme. And about And Just Like That… I have enjoyed that the writers’ winked at the audience with Che, plunging them into an existential crisis over audience feedback. And my theory is this: Che is in many ways the most like Carrie Bradshaw. Lots of similar personality traits to a younger Carrie!

Sometimes the internet can make us feel less alone and by “us” I’m referring to parents of tweens/teens who take the most unflattering pictures of us and then set it as our screensaver. Here’s how it happens: the younger person takes a photo at .5 (????) and it’s all forehead. I have dozens of these in my camera roll. Elder abuse?