Let’s start this off right: Jane Fonda has joined Instagram and posted a photo from the Book Club set with Candice Bergen, Mary Steenburgen and Diane Keaton about four lifelong friends who read the Fifty Shades series. We have Mary to thank for Jane’s social media – she posted a photo of them watching the eclipse with the hashtag #janefondashouldhaveaninstagram. And now she does.


Loving my new friends! #BookClub @diane_keaton @bergenbags @mary_steenburgen

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“18 was all about finding myself” is something only an 18-year-old could say.

I took a screenshot of the inside of Beyoncé’s shoe and I’m pretty pleased with myself.


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How many Paper Magazine covers are there every month?

Kate Hudson has revealed the cover of her new book which centers around entertaining. Didn’t Pippa Middleton do that too? The title sounds like the tagline for an on-demand rom-com that was filmed 5 years ago and never made it to theaters. Kate Hudson is… Pretty Fun!

Damon Lindelof wants you to know he did the polar bear thing first on Lost, OK? (And can someone explain the Lost ending to me please? After all these years, I still don’t get it.)



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We know where Jamie Foxx’s “Money” is (sorry, bad pun). On Saturday night, we are having people over to watch the fight. I don’t know much about it and the little I do know makes me not care who wins. I’m much more concerned about what kind of snacks to serve and who will show up in the crowd. Apparently Angelina will be there. With the kids?

The other day, Lainey brought up an interesting question: is Miles Teller as punchable as Ansel Elgort? By my measure, not quite yet but it’s getting to be a close race.


In the Jazz bar where Bill met Scarlett πŸ“Έ- @warrenelgort

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