Taylor Swift has made Twitter fun again. At least for this weekend.

Demi Lovato is not part of the narrative, and she also announced new music yesterday. She has called out Taylor before, but I don’t know if she’s officially on “the list.” I don’t think she would mind it if she was.

Madonna is shooting a campaign for her new skincare line and this makes me a little sad. The Fat Jewish appears on Real Housewives sometimes. Is that where she is at? So off the pulse.


Giving good face with @thefatjewish on the set!! For @mdnaskin

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I love a “day in the life” stories about busy, highly scheduled people. Martha is a “bag lady” – she is constantly carrying garment bags and vegetable scraps (for the chickens) to and from the city. And she does her own email; no one else has access to them. Considering her history, that makes sense.

Brad Goreski used to work for Rachel Zoe, then he didn’t, and there was some drama but he said there wasn’t. It was never really quite made clear what happened. Last night he posted a classic clip from The Rachel Zoe Project and it made me wonder if they interact on social media. They don’t – no follows or likes, despite an overlapping social circle. They must have run into one another over the years, right?


#tbt to when I ruined the #Oscars. #pressplay

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Yesterday, Lainey talked about the book The Hate U Give, which sits atop the New York Times Bestseller List. It was supposed to be bumped out of the #1 spot by a book called Handbook of Mortals. Never heard of it? Well, that’s the problem. The book came out of nowhere to sell thousands of copies (a nearly-impossible feat for a book by a first-time author that is not available through any major retailers). So the good people at Pajiba did a deep dive (after YA writer Phil Stamper tweeted about his doubts) and it’s bananas. This is some international intrigue-level sh-t that involves manipulating independent bookstores, JC Chasez, one of the guys from American Pie, and the Blues Travelers. The author has since responded in The Hollywood Reporter, comparing this to 50 Shades of Grey in its success. I’m not fan of 50 Shades, but no one can deny it was a legitimate phenomenon, not a numbers scheme.