Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s home is featured in Architectural Digest. Lots of gold, marble and wood which is not at all how I pictured their style. 


If you have heard the words BookTok and Kraken and not sure what is going on, Kayleigh Donaldson at Pajiba has us covered, as usual. And this story draws parallels to the way fandoms have treated men like Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston and Robert Pattinson as sexual fantasies and the vile way their real-life partners are treated. (PS: I chose a random photo from their Instagram, I have no idea who these players are.)


ET has the exclusive on Tori Spelling living in an RV with her children. “Riches to rags” is always gleeful tabloid fodder. And while Tori comes from money, she famously did not inherit much from her dad’s fortune (her mother Candy did) and if we take away the Spelling name, Tori is really a regular working actress. She hosts, she has a podcast, she’s written a few books years ago. She hustles. Actresses in that range – and there are dozens of them we kind of know by name – are not rich. And whether it’s just a long staycation or something more dire, the reality is living expenses are skyrocketing and many people are living on the edge of dire situations.


PEOPLE is typically very friendly towards celebrities and that has been the case with the Sussexes. As someone who is not a huge royal follower, the recent tone of their articles has been interesting. There’s no hint to the marriage troubles that have been chatted about online (which, as another British couple has showed us over the years, likely mean nothing!) but there is a nod to how, outside of royal life, people do not seem invested in the Sussexes. So far their work – beyond the autobiographical elements – is not connecting. 


Since the divorce, we’ve been wondering if Gisele will return to modeling full time and so far, she’s had a Vanity Fair cover, a Louis Vuitton campaign and now Colcci denim. No runway, yet. Interestingly enough, a quick Google search on her last runway show was for this brand. So if she were to return, this would be a real full circle moment.


Leah Remini is suing Scientology, alleging that the church used multiple tactics to silence and intimidate her into stopping her investigations. She is not the first ex-Scientologist to expose these kind of tactics but she is by far the most high-profile name to take them on.