There’s Girl Sh-t and Sibling Sh-t and Boy Sh-t, but Philanthropy Sh-t? This might be a new one. Kevin Hart has issued a challenge to celebrities to donate to Houston. He challenged Beyonce and Jay-Z, Chris Rock, The Rock, Steve Harvey, Jerry Seinfeld, and Justin Timberlake in the first round. The Rock accepted the challenge and offered his support and money. In his response video, The Rock said, “I’m not gonna call out my celebrity friends, you already know what to do.” This isn’t about the money. He is generous, Kevin is generous, and no doubt they both want to donate. This is what’s giving me smutty tingles: the two are pretty “social media” close – lots of comments and likes back and forth, but for this? Nothing at the time of posting this. Kevin didn’t like or comment on The Rock’s response, and The Rock hasn’t liked or commented on Kevin’s follow up posts in which he thanks Dwayne (and other celebs). Is there a bit of annoyance here? Again not about the donation or the motivation, but about the public call out?

This isn’t the only possible Philanthropy Sh-t. On Sunday, Drake posted a list of helplines and a reader called KM wrote me to say that his original caption included some interesting wording that, to paraphrase, said: "Your boy from the 6 was holding down Houston while others were partying at the VMAs." S/he wondered if this was a dig at Kendrick? It was deleted and s/he didn’t have a screenshot and I haven’t been able to find anything on it. Did you see it? Tell me what you think.


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It didn’t make a lot of headlines because of everything else going on, but The Weeknd bailed on a pre-VMAs party. Apparently he’s very tired from touring and simply wasn’t up for it. On September 6, he is back out on the road until December 14, with 2-4 days between shows. Will he be well-rested enough to complete it?


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As I mentioned yesterday, the Squad is on a social media blackout. But don’t think they aren’t reading into her video as desperately as fans are. The t-shirt Taylor Swift wore with her friends’ names (Selena, Blake, Ryan, Ed, the Haim sisters) didn’t include everyone – like Lorde, Cara Delevingne, Karlie Kloss, and Ruby Rose. So while she hasn’t commented, Ruby liked a fan comment verifying her Squad status is still active. Imagine having to stretch so desperately to let people know you are still included in the narrative.

“@taylorswift DM me” - I wonder has this ever worked? She’s like a telemarketer except instead of calling, she tags people on social media.


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Rob Pattinson did a Reddit AMA earlier this week that I’ve been meaning to post. He did a good job of sidestepping questions about Twilight without being rude about it. He did answer some Harry Potter questions, though. Cedric was Hufflepuff and Rob said he is, too. I’m Hufflepuff. It’s not the coolest house, is it? Slytherin snake, Gryffindor lion, Ravenclaw eagle… and we get the badger.

How tall is Jason Segel? How small are these doors?