Jessica Alba is expanding, doing a home renovation show along with a YouTube series. But you know what she hasn’t posted about in a minute? The Honest Company, the brand. At one time she was synonymous with it but moving away from being “the face” makes a lot of sense – she no longer has small children and there’s only so much one spokesperson can do for a brand before the products need to speak for themselves. 


She is keeping with the theme though – her new show is called Honest Renovations. 

Ben Cohen has a point: what IS breakfast? And why does the food need to be different?


Post Malone is feeling himself! I have a soft spot for him because I know someone who worked a service job and had to spend the night tending to him and he was very polite and kind to staff. Which of course should be a bare minimum but we know isn’t.


Twitter (I will never call it X!) is kind of a dead zone now but there are still gems. I’ve been laughing at this tweet for three days. 

Speaking of And Just Like That… if you haven’t watched the finale, skip this. You’ve been warned. But whyyyyyyy do the writers do this to us. 


Lainey already posted about this this morning but I feel a certain tug of nostalgia over my sweet Breaking Bad babies. Also the thought of studio heads checking headlines every day to see who is working the picket line and getting peeved about the attention gives me great joy. 

What time do you think Anna Wintour wakes up in the morning? I’m not surprised at the answer. I do wish they got into more details though, like how many days a week does she get her hair blown out before the office? 


Brooklyn Beckham looks great with a shaved head and it came courtesy of Selena Gomez’s younger sister. That friendship is still going very strong. 

Selena's little sister Gracie shaving Brooklyn Beckham's head