Are there certain people you trust more when it comes to food recommendations and specific kinds of foods? I will always trust my friend Lorella about food. Lorella knows her food. Most food. When it comes to Chinese food, however, I am the expert in our relationship and she will, quite rightly I think, defer to me. There are, however, certain people I side-eye when it comes to certain food. One day Duana tried to tell Jacek about a good place to go for pierogis. It’s a miracle our friendship survived. I trust Ali Wong here though. Especially the stuffed tofu.


Birthday wishes for 44. My favourite, of course, is the one from Michelle Obama. Because I love the way Malia and Sasha are looking up at him.








Happy birthday to the flyest to ever do itπŸ‘πŸ½βœŠπŸ½ #ObamaDay @barackobama

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Serena Williams wrote an essay recently about the gender pay gap for black women and #BlackWomensEqualPay. It took a long, long, long ass f-cking time for Serena to earn more in endorsements than Maria Sharapova whose career does not even close. There have been a lot of endorsements recently on Serena’s social media. This one is the latest. And what’s exciting about this is not only that Serena’s getting hers as a black woman but that she’s getting hers as a pregnant black woman. Black pregnancy is not as celebrated. Black pregnancy is not typically represented in the way white pregnancy has been. By being radical, Serena is also trying to make it normal, and, therefore, equal.



JLO promotes the ARod THR interview. You know, the one she Facetimed into? The one she basically made happen? Note, when she does an interview, she doesn’t ever need him to be sharing it with his followers.



Lisa Bonet surprised Jason Momoa for his birthday. And this became a birthday gift for all of us. My GOD they are hot together.



Earlier this week I wrote about how Steven Soderbergh is disrupting the Hollywood marketing machine. Now Channing Tatum is doing a different kind of press tour for Logan Lucky. What I’ve always appreciated about Channing though is that he’s not here to sh-t on other people’s jobs. While he acknowledges that at a traditional junket, the questions are repeated over and over again, he makes a point to say that he has fun. Instead of whinging about how boring they are the way most of his peers describe it.