Katy Perry has been pretty popular on social media this week thanks to a video of her tossing pizza into the crowd in Las Vegas. She’s also on TikTok playing MASH. She was matched with Pete Davidson, who is obviously with Kim Kardashian. Katy isn’t looking, either. But we know how much fluidity there is in these relationships – lovers turn to friends who end up hooking up with colleagues who then marry an ex of someone they dated and they all become best friends. There’s a lot of sharing, that’s all I’m saying. And if in 20 years, Katy Perry and Pete Davidson hook up, this will be like a time capsule.


No offense @Kim Kardashian (and Orlando? 🤷🏻‍♀️)

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Yesterday, I wrote about a new Gigi Hadid project and guessed it was home décor – I was way off. It’s clothing and the brand is called Guest in Residence (the bio description is “Knitters”). It already has an Instagram account, but no posts. It must be ready quite soon and I’m most curious about the price point and size options.

The childfree friend who teaches your kid to talk literal sh-t is the best kind of aunt/uncle. (Flip to second slide for the video.)


Gabrielle Union posted this message on social media and she’s someone I follow consistently both for her content (beautiful family, funny captions), her interesting work, her activism and her outfits. And she is telling us that even though it looks glorious it’s not perfect and she’s had a tough time. She’s moving through it with the help of her friends and family, particularly Lauren London.


Former Nickelodeon star Jennette McCurdy has a new memoir coming out, I’m Glad My Mom Died and Vanity Fair has an excerpt. It’s shocking but it’s also a story we know well because so many child stars have told it. Some survive and thrive (like Drew Barrymore), some get lost and make their way back (like Jodie Sweetin) and many, many others deal with the trauma for years. And there’s an emphasis in headlines around “The Creator” (everyone knows who it is), but the title also gets straight to the point: it all starts with a parent who pushes. There is no Nickelodeon child star without a stage parent.


Page Six is now on the Beckhams vs. Peltz Beckhams and this scoop is framed as: Victoria was shut out of the wedding and Nicola is envious of Victoria’s fame (because no matter how rich she is, Nicola is not truly famous). So it’s interesting that David has been left out of this discussion because he, too, is in a social media freeze with his daughter-in-law and by extension, his son. How did this all fall on the women?